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My Personal Responsibility to Achieve College Success free essay sample

Even though personal responsibility does not always guarantee college success, they are associated because they share several similarities between them, both require taking charge of your current situations, performing to your best ability, and taking accountability for your mistakes and failures. Taking control of your situation is important and will determine your academic outcome. When you complete assignments on-time you are taking charge of your current situation. I have learned to effectively manage my time so that my assignments can be turned in before the due date.I also try to perform to my best ability and do whatever it takes to successfully complete assignments on-time no matter how difficult or time consuming they can be. Setting up short term goals allow me to become more accountable for my academics and will help me complete my long term goals as well. Performing to your best ability is imperative to obtaining college success. We will write a custom essay sample on My Personal Responsibility to Achieve College Success or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I always try to be the best that I can be by pushing myself to he limits and forcing myself to do whatever it takes to get the task completed. Studying for tests allows me to gain the most knowledge as possible and allows me to perform successfully in college. If you dont try and make excuses for poor performance can lead to an unsuccessful academic experience. Preparing for tests and quizzes is necessary for both your learning experience as well as your grade. Maintaining a high grade point average is one of my academic goals and is something will constantly be monitoring throughout my academic career. Actively participating in class and Ewing responsible are important to your learning experience and success.Getting involved in discussions and asking questions are all a part of the learning process and can provide a wealth of knowledge. Asking questions when something is unclear is your responsibility. Everyone should be responsible and accountable for their own mistakes and failures. Being responsible is acknowledging that you are accountable for the choices in your life and that accepting that will determine the direction for your life. You also must have personal accountability. Arsenal accountability is the act Of taking responsibility for your actions in the workplace or other situations.Rather than directing blame on others, individuals should seek to understand their own contribution towards the situation and how they could make the situation better. In conclusion, without personal responsibility you will not succeed academically. To be successful in life and in college you must be personally responsible for your choices, actions, and behaviors. Being successful means you need to take charge of your current situation, perform o your best ability and be accountable for your own mistakes and failures.Failing to accept personal responsibility result can result in negative consequences. When you have not accepted personal responsibility, you can run the risk of becoming overly dependent on others for recognition, approval, affirmation and acceptance. To practice personal responsibility in my education, I am working on learning self-management, preparing to learn strategies, and learning how to develop study skills. Being personally responsible is very important in all aspects of life and should always be a main priority.

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ADD/ADHD Essays - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADD/ADHD Factual Data Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) refers to a group of symptoms that begin in infancy and can continue into adulthood, causing difficulties for people at home, at school, at their jobs, and within their communities. The severity of symptoms varies among people with ADHD. Some people have difficulty with overactivity (hyperactivity), while others have difficulty remembering, thinking, making judgments, and solving problems. The most common symptom of ADHD is difficulty remaining focused on a task until it is completed. People with ADHD have a hard time completing tasks that are boring, repetitive, or difficult for them. Many people with ADHD have trouble controlling their impulses. Impulsiveness usually continues into adulthood and often interferes with keeping a job and developing personal relationships. Although most people with ADHD do not appear overactive, they may often feel restless or be outwardly fidgety. ADHD is often associated with other conditions, such as learning disabilities and behavioral problems. The symptoms of these conditions are often mistaken for symptoms of ADHD. Before the greatest benefit from ADHD treatment can be achieved, any other conditions should be identified and treated. The person who has an attention deficit hyperactive disorder with no other conditions tends to do better in school and to get along better with other people than the person who has ADHD with other conditions. ADHD (with or without other conditions) may lead to anxiety or depression, poor school performance, and problems with social behavior. The exact cause of attention deficit hyperactive disorder is not known. There is evidence that ADHD is an inherited disorder. Studies have shown that about 30% - 40% of children with ADHD come from families in which other members have the disorder. Siblings of children who have ADHD are twice as likely to have ADHD as siblings of children who do not have ADHD. Another possible cause of ADHD is an abnormal functioning of the chemical systems within the brain. Studies indicate that people with ADHD may not have enough of the brain chemical called dopamine and too much of the brain chemical norepinephrine. It is also thought that ADHD may be caused by abnormal functioning of part of the brain. Areas of the prefrontal lobe in people with ADHD appear different from these areas in people who do not have ADHD. Some other causes of ADHD include, alcohol or other drug use during pregnancy, problems during delivery that cause injury to the brain, Infections that cause brain damage, and poor nutrition during the baby's first year of life Contrary to a widespread belief among parents and many child-care workers, most ADHD is rarely caused by food allergies. A few studies suggest that a few children may benefit from diet changes, especially children younger than 5. However, diet restrictions are beneficial in the treatment of ADHD in only rare cases. Having a child follow a restricted diet may create conflict within the family and actually take attention away from beneficial treatment methods. Diet does not contribute to the symptoms of ADHD, but children who have allergies might be better able to deal with ADHD if they avoid the foods they are allergic to. The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactive disorder include difficulty maintaining attention, or having an attention span that is shorter than expected for a person's age. A person with a short attention span can be easily distracted. Children with ADHD often concentrate well on activities that do not tax their attention, such as television or computer games. They may become so involved in these activities that it is hard to redirect their attention. Children with ADHD have a difficult time with tasks that require attention to detail and that take a long time to complete, such as model building. Another symptom is difficulty controlling impulses, it can cause a person to do dangerous things without thinking about the consequences. Temper outbursts may be extreme and may occur without reason. This symptom is highly likely to continue into adulthood. When a child with ADHD is in a busy environment, such as in a grocery store, he or she often becomes distracted and reacts by pulling items off the shelves, hitting people, or acting silly. In school children with ADHD have

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Antilegalization Of Marijuana Essays - Drug Control Law, Free Essays

Antilegalization Of Marijuana Essays - Drug Control Law, Free Essays Antilegalization Of Marijuana Dear Congressman, I am honored to be writing to you on such a significant topic of national concern. Average citizens are annoyed and just plain fatigued with the drugs and crime problems in America. These upright citizens, that contribute to the growth of American society, are being told that legalization is a reasonable alternative to dealing with these problems in their communities. Legalization of any drug is not a positive way to fight crime. In fact, there is no legitimate reason to legalize drugs. The Legalization of marijuana is the starting point of the pro-legalization of drugs movement. The issue of legalizing marijuana is truly a controversial one, and certainly one that requires a plethora of considerations at the top levels of the legislative branch. When considering the possibility of legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug, there are a number of concerns that come to mind. Is marijuana physically harmful to the user? Is marijuana an addictive drug? Does the use of marijuana lead to dependency situations? Does it act as gateway to more hazardous drugs? Does the notion of legalizing marijuana send an immoral, wrong message to the youth of America? Mr. Congressman, the answer to all these questions is YES. According to the DEA (1998), the supreme ruler of drug knowledge in America, there are over 10,000 scientific studies that prove marijuana is a harmful and addictive drug. Yet there is no reliable study that proves marijuana has any medical value. Marijuana is an unstable mixture of over 425 chemicals, which when smoked are converted to over thousands. Most of these are toxic, psychoactive chemicals which are unstudied and appear in uncontrolled strengths. Marijuana leads to many different consequences depending on the personality and general characteristics of the individual using the drug. These may include, but are not limited to: premature cancer, addiction, coordination and perception impairment, mental disorders, hostility and increased aggressiveness, general unconcern of life, memory loss, reproductive disabilities, and impairment to the immune system. Marijuana is currently up to 25 times more potent than it was in the 1960's, which makes the drug even more addictive. In 1994, a U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana should remain a Schedule I drug: highly addictive with no medical usefulness. Marijuana is a harmful substance. The use of marijuana for the purposes of intoxication leads to a number of serious health risks. Research has proven that marijuana damages short term memory, distorts perceptions, impairs complex motor skills, alters the heart rate, can lead to severe anxiety, and can cause paranoia and lethargy. A condition called Amotivational syndrome take places after chronic use. It is defined by Dr. Harry Avis (1996), professor of psychology as, a condition characterized by a lack of ambition or desire to succeed, presumed to be the result of smoking marijuana. As reported in The Medical Journal of Australia, Marijuana causes birth defects, fetal damage, lung cancer, long-term impairment of memory, schizophrenia, suppression of the immune system, and even leukemia in the children of marijuana-smoking mothers (Nahas & Latour, 1992). The National Institute on Drug Abuse (1996) reported that the chemicals found in marijuana smoke suppresses the neurons in the information-processing system of the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivation. Marijuana, should it be legalized, would ruin many Americans' abilities to learn, and would abruptly decay the development and progress of the American Society. Marijuana is dangerous, and it is more dangerous than it ever has been. The federal Drug Abuse Warning Network, or DAWN, claims that recent statistics show increases in the number of patients mentioning marijuana in hospital emergency rooms (The Marijuana Debate Goes On, 1998). Inexperienced users may suffer acute anxiety the first time they use it. This could be a direct result of the increase in potency of marijuana. Growers have access to the latest agricultural technologies and scientific methods which enable them to grow more powerful marijuana. Growers have become extremely sophisticated about developing varieties of marijuana with high concentrations of THC (Is Marijuana Dangerous? Is It Addictive?, 1995). THC, or Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the 400 chemicals in marijuana. It accounts for most of marijuana's psychoactive, or mind-altering, effects (Facts About Marijuana and Marijuana Abuse, 1996). The levels of THC found in the modern drug markets' marijuana are much higher than they have ever been. The concentration of THC will keep increasing in the future. This directly leads to more and stronger addictions to marijuana. One argument that the pro-legalization movement pleads is that

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Beowulf and Roland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Beowulf and Roland - Essay Example Roland and Beowulf both wanted to struggle to save humanity. Roland, as a warrior for Charlemagne, believed that the Muslims were working against God. The Christian God dominated the story of The Song of Roland. Humanity for Roland was united under the Christian God. Borey (2001) suggests â€Å" The spirit is very much that of the Crusades, a period in which the Catholic Church had become strong and ambitious enough to mount a series of determined campaigns in the Holy Land.† For humanity to exist in The Last Song of Roland it must be united under a Christian ruler. Humanity needed Jesus Christ. This theory is shown after Roland dies. At the end of the story, the Muslim queen is baptized a Christian. Beowulf also wanted to struggle to unite humanity. Although this story does not have as much Christianity, Beowulf felt the need to unite humanity. Although not his fight, Beowulf leaves his kingdom to fight for Heorot. One point of view is: Beowulf stands up as protector of something much deeper than the mere surface expectations of the reader for bravery and honor; he passionately fights to protect the deep solidarity that Heorot represents for humanity. Viewing Grendel’s assault on this human solidarity, we must conclude that the value of the hall regarding international relations and the power of the human spirit is that for which Beowulf must so ardently fight.  (Young 2006) The monster attacking Heorot was trying to divide humanity. The hall was where soldiers, their wives, and probably children held banquets, slept in for protection, and lived in as a home. The story confirms this belief: When Grendel attacked the hall, the inhabitants scattered. In order to be safe from Grendel, the soldiers and their families split up to find refuge anywhere. This would eventually destroy humanity. Without a social circle, humanity might have even died out due to lack of contact. While many soldiers run away in both stories, both Roland and Beowulf want to

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Equations of Motion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Equations of Motion - Essay Example In absence of sliding the motion of rolling is normally called pure rolling (Walker, 2010). This means that for a rolling object the mass centre moves by the translational motion, where as the other parts of the object, rotate around the centre mass. In practical experiments, the small deformations on the area of contact results into sliding. The resistance in rolling is lower than the friction due to sliding, hence rolling objects need minimal energy to be shifted than the sliding objects. In this respect, such objects move in an easier manner, whenever they go through some force due to a component along the surface (Adams, 2008). For example the existence of gravity on a surface that is tilted. Different from symmetrical objects, a cone’s rolling motion, happens in a manner such that during rolling, on a surface that is flat, the centre of gravity goes through a circular motion instead of a linear motion. The objects that roll may not only be axially symmetrical. The princip le of rolling objects has been applied in the bearings of rolling elements like ball bearings in devices that are rotating. These objects are normally made of smooth metal substances, and the elements that roll encased in between the two rotating rings. In many processes, the ring in the inner part is normally linked to the stationery shaft. In this respect, as the inner ring remains stationery the outer ring remains free to allow movements having very minimal friction. This principle has been applied in motors. In many cases, the quantity of friction is depended on the parts mechanisms, ball bearings quality, and the amount of lubricants within the mechanism (Adams. 2008). Additionally, rolling objects are mostly used as transportation tools. One key way is through keeping the object on a number of rollers that are lined-up. The wheel objects are normally moved along a straight line, especially when the wheels are replaced continuously to the front.. For a rolling object, the parti cle velocity is normally given by; Velocity = r x w....................

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Native Americans vs. African Americans Essay Example for Free

Native Americans vs. African Americans Essay In today’s society there are many people living in poverty. All across America there are different projects and reservations where the less fortunate reside. Statistics show that mostly minorities live in these different locations. Native Americans and African Americans are two of the more popular races living in these places. The group suffering the most in these situations is the youth. Although both Native American and African American children living on a reservation or in the projects experience a terrible community, have little to no faith, and a broken family structure, African American youth living in the projects have it worse than Native American children living on a reservation. First, one of the most common living situations for less fortunate African Americans is in the projects. A project is a public living environment that is government owned. Although these buildings are government owned they are far from nice looking. Most of the buildings have no windows, are run down, dirty, and old. The government’s main goal is to maintain affordable housing not to make them the best looking homes in town. The projects aren’t a good environment for a child to be raised. Throughout these neighborhoods different gangs can be found. These gangs are built to defend the different areas in the projects. The gangs bring major violence to the area and are one of the main causes of death. At a young age children join these gangs and are raised to be violent. Many of them decorate the buildings they are living in with graffiti expressing their gang colors, symbols, or motto. In contrast, while Native American youth also live in poor housing, the environment is safer than the projects. A reservation is an area set aside for a specific type of land use or activity, or for use by a particular group of people, mostly Native Americans. Similar to the projects, houses on a reservation are old, beat down, and dirty. The houses on a reservation are government owned as well. Although these two locations are very similar they also differ. The reservation is a safer place then the projects. On the reservation there is a couple cases of mild violence but they aren’t as severe as the violence in the projects. Therefore, the reservations environment is a better environment than the projects. Secondly, many of the young people have no faith growing up in the projects. A lot of them believe their only way out of the projects is to become a basketball or football player or to become a top selling rap artist. At as young as sixteen years of age most African American males end up in jail, deceased, or selling drugs. A lot of them are also lead to believe that if they don’t do what every other man on the streets is doing, then they won’t make it anywhere in life. On the reservation the kids believe their only way out is to become NBA players or â€Å"powwowers†. Powwower’s are traditional Native American cheerleaders or dancers. Much like the African Americans growing up in the projects, the life expectancy rate for those living on a reservation is in the mid forties. Considering that both of these locations are in the United States mid forties is very young of age. Many of these people don’t live very long because they don’t have enough money to take care of themselves as well as their families. They also aren’t able to live a healthy lifestyle which shortens their days. Death is common in the two locations which leaves these two young groups wondering what’s beyond the age forty. Lastly, family structure is very important in a household. In the projects many of the homes lack a very strong family structure. Children growing up in the projects nine times out of ten don’t have both parents in the home. Most of them are drug dealers, alcoholics, prostitutes, or doing any and everything to try and provide for the child. Although these parents are trying to provide for their children a lot of the time they are also on welfare. Moreover, these children’s parents aren’t ever around, they sometimes go days without having anything to eat. Many of the young men follow after the footsteps of their father, older brother, or uncles which is why this cycle has continued for so long. Native Americans typically stick together as a unit. According to Sherman Alexie, an award winning author who grew up on a reservation, â€Å"Native American children are taught to be suspicious of Caucasian people. † Native Americans teach this to their children because there are many people in America that are against minorities and believe that just because they are the majority they’re better. A lot of the parents on a reservation go from job to job not being able to keep one job for a long period of time. Many of these parents are also alcoholics. On the other hand, some of these families on these reservations are very family oriented unlike the African American families in the projects. These Native American families have up to seventeen family members living in one house. They keep their families very close and are very supportive of one another rather then being against each other like African Americans. The parents watch over their children to make sure they don’t go down the wrong path in life. Although these families are experiencing hard times they cheer each other up and manage to smile every once in a while. Therefore, the Native Americans family structure is stronger then African Americans. In conclusion, Native American youth living on a reservation have it better then African American youth living in the projects. Both of these minorities are going through some hardships. From alcoholic parents to not having anything to eat they both are suffering as young children. Native American families provide a safer living environment, work harder, and look after one another, where as African Americans are against one another, on the streets all day, and are strongly associated with violence. As the years go on these families are hoping that the government will separate people in the projects and those living on reservations and provide them both with a better living situation. If these environments are separated the United States will be one step closer to eliminating violence in America.

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Maintain Ethical And Professional Standards

Maintain Ethical And Professional Standards This secondary research task will consider the corporate governance that JSE listed companies uphold. This research task will determine the extent to which these companies maintain ethical and professional standards. Two companies will be chosen and their corporate governance will be collected and closely looked at, there will be a discussion of the information collected for each of the two companies. A conclusion will be made as to which company is better governed based on the information which has been collected for the research. Introduction Corporate governance is a companys operating principles in terms of their ethics, corporate social responsibility, professionalism and the control which stakeholders have over the company to ensure the above principles are followed. Two companies which have been chosen will be looked at closely in terms of their corporate governance. The aim of the research is to determine which of the two companies is better governed, and which of the two companies maintain ethical and professional standards. Methodology I have mainly used the internet as it is difficult to get brochures with the relevant information about the corporation. I have looked at various sites about the corporation. I have tried to email the corporation for specific information which I was unable to retrieve on the internet. I have chosen the two companies as I enjoy eating at many of the restaurants which are franchises of the corporation and for the choice of the other corporation; it is because my family shops with them. Choice of companies Both Shoprite Holdings Ltd and Spur Corporation are public companies which are listed on the JSE. These public companies have a Corporate Social Index which determines the amount of involvement they have in the community. Each of these two companies follows a similar business structure (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006) (Anonymous, Investor care, unknown), but each one has an individual contribution to the community, socio-economic issues and the environment. Each company follows a different code of ethics, but each company aims to not only to make profit but to also give back to the community and to provide for their consumers. I have chosen these two companies as they have great involvement in the community as well as provide excellent service for their customers. Shoprite Holdings Ltd provides for people who are well to do as well as those who are less advantaged. Shoprite gives back to the community in vast amounts and this is the reason why they are supported by the community . My family shops at Shoprite as well as eats at Spur which is another reason why I chose these two companies, to look at in closer detail. Food is our passion. Welcoming you, our pleasure Introduction into Spur Corporation micro environment Our vision is to be the best family sit-down restaurant in the market in which we trade (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). Our mission is to be dedicated at all times to our customers and staff- to provide a taste for life for our customers and to be a great place to work for our staff (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). Allen Ambor Executive chairman Spur Corporation follows the line and staff organisation structure which has a board of directors who over look the entire organisation. Below the directors are the managers in each of the different fields for example advertising and finances. Below the managers are the staff which interact directly with the customers (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). Spur corporation is well aware of the service which they need to provide their customers with. Ronel van Dijk Financial director Pierre van Tonder Managing director Mark Fellery Deputy managing director Muzi Kuzwayo Independent non-executive director Dean Hyde non-executive director Keith Getz non-executive director Keith Madders non-executive director MBE (deputy chairman) Phillip Joffe Executive director Kevin Robertson Executive director Financial manager Public relations manager Floor manager Human resource manager Marketing manager General manager Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff Corporate social responsibility and sustainability Corporate social responsibility is the responsibility of the organization to give back to their community. The aim of the king II report is to improve corporate governance throughout the whole structure of the business. All public companies which are listed on the JSE are obligated to give back to their community. The king III report is similar in context with regards to king II, but with the exception that businesses need to follow the triple bottom line reporting which is People Planet and Profit. This then means that businesses should not only focus on gaining a profit but also giving back to their community. Spur Corporation mainly focuses on providing for the underprivileged children (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). By raising these funds and being a part of these projects Spur aims to gain awareness as good citizens for the group of staff who are involved (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). The projects are mainly aimed at sporting activities which they believe develop people especially the young South Africans (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). Spur Corporation is involved in the following community projects: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Spur Soccer Masidlale(lets play)- this project focuses on developing children from ages of 8 12. There are children who come from many different communities and children who have experienced different things in life (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). This project aims to teach these children life skills as well as help them gain self- confidence and teaches them many life skills which will help them in their future (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). This project will mainly focus on children who are underprivileged (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006) à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Spur Corporation is involved in charity golf tour. In this project there are many other organisations and competitors which donate money towards the charity programme and therefore compete in the golf tour (Anonymous, Spur chairty golf day, 2006). The money which is raised in thousands is given to a charity. Spur aims to increase the donations every year (Anonymous, Spur chairty golf day, 2006). Spur Corporation believes there should be a balance between making a profit and also looking and the long term needs of South Africa, the environment and their employees. There are specific people who are allocated the role to ensuring there is a way in which Spur Corporation can reduce the impact they have on the environment. This team looks at the sustainability of their strategy. Spur Corporation is involved in projects which are short term. The Spur Corporation is not involved in many corporate social responsibility projects. The projects which they are involved in are ones from which South African children can learn life skills and gain personal growth. Therefore Spur Corporation needs to look at projects which are long term and ones which can help communities or children for long periods of time and not have a hit and run approach. Once Spur Corporation gets involved in such projects to help communities or certain children, they begin to rely on the funds. Long term projects are most beneficial. Socio-Economic issues and strategies used Spur Corporation is involved in HIV/AIDS management project. The group: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Is supportive towards the issue and are non-discriminatory à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢provides educational workshops about the issue à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢provides free access to condoms and educational videos This project is aimed at educating the employees of Spur Corporation so they are aware of the virus and have the knowledge to prevent contracting the disease Spur Corporation is not involved in addressing many socio-economic issues. There are many socio-economic issues which South Africa is facing such as poverty. Spur Corporation could focus on addressing projects which are sustainable and which can improve an issue which South Africa is facing. Poverty is one of the biggest issues in the world not only South Africa therefore Spur Corporation could get sponsors as well as raise their own funds to give toward a fund specifically for poverty stricken communities within South Africa or around the world. Natural disasters have affected the world and many peoples lives. Spur Corporation could also help with donations or fund raising to uplift these communities. There are many other socio-economic issues which Spur Corporation could address. Donations can be put into their budget as they are an organisation which is making high turnovers (Anonymous, Annual Report 2006, 2006). Code of ethics Spur Corporation has a code of ethics which expects all employees to have the highest moral and ethical standards internally and externally (with the stakeholders and shareholders). (Anonymous, Spur Corporation Annual Report 2006, 2006). The code of ethics contains principles such as integrity; honesty and good transparency, impartiality; transparency and openness; and accountablility and responsibility which all staff should adhere to (Anonymous, Spur Corporation Annual Report 2006, 2006). The Spur Corporation has a high standard to which they keep up to and therefore this is what helps the business grow. Their code of ethics guides staff on how to behave with their customers and shareholders. The code of ethics will also help shareholders to deal with any unehical behaviour (Anonymous, Spur Corporation Annual Report 2006, 2006) Introduction into Shoprite Holdings limited micro environment Our mission of the Shoprite Group of Companies is to be the consumers preferred shopping destination, by retailing food and non-food products at the lowest prices from conveniently located outlets in an environment that is conducive to shopping. (Anonymous, Customer care, 2008). Shoprite follows the line and staff organisation structure. The line and staff organisation structure is the board of directors over looking the entire organisation. Below the directors are the managers of each specific aspect of the business such as the human resource manager. Below the managers are the staff which work directly with the customers. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability Corporate social responsibility is the responsibility of the organisation to give back to their community. The aim of the king II report is to improve corporate governance throughout the whole structure of the business. All public companies which are listed on the JSE are obligated to give back to their community. The king III report is similar in context with regards to king II, but with the exception that businesses need to follow the triple bottom line reportingwhich is People Planet and Profit. This then means that businesses should not only focus on gaining a profit but also giving back to their community. Shoprite Holdings is involved in many different community projects. Many of the projects are ones which are sustainable as they take place every year and raise funds for a specific time period. Other projects are ones which Shoprite Holdings is directly involved in such as donating food to the underprivileged communities. Shoprite aims to help improve and make the world a better place for the present and future in terms of sustaining the environment, society and the economy. Some of the projects which they are involved in are: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Shoprite community network- Shoprite aims to uplift underprivileged communities. This project is broadcast every month on many different radio stations and each area chooses a community which they believe needs Shoprites aid the most (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). The community which is chosen for the month as most deserving receives R10  000 from Shoprite (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Mobile soup kitchens- Shoprite aims to help communities which are poverty stricken and those which have been affected by natural disasters in South Africa (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). Shoprite sends out trucks every month to those communities they are aware of which need the food (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). Shoprite feeds many communities widely spread across South Africa (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Book collection- Many schools and libraries in South Africa do not have sufficient funds to provide their pupils with books (Anonymous, Community projects: Book collection, 2008). Therefore Shoprite aims to fill the libraries and schools with as many books of all genres. Shoprite allows for the public to drop books off at collection points at any Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers hyper stores throughout the country (Anonymous, Community projects: Book collection, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Strokes of genius- Is an art project which allows for many artists and crafters to be recognised (Anonymous, Community projects: Strokes of Genius, 2008). This project aims to inspire and give children who are less advantaged the opportunity to show the equivalence of their talent to that of children who are privileged (Anonymous, Community projects: Strokes of Genius, 2008). Shoprite is helped by The Department of arts and culture, Department of economic development and Department of basic information (Anonymous, Community projects: Strokes of Genius, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Golden trolley and disaster management- This project aims to also help the underprivileged and those who have been affected by natural disasters (Anonymous, Community projects : Golden trolley, 2008). Shoprite and Checkers have collection points at which public can donate things which will be donated to the communities (Anonymous, Community projects : Golden trolley, 2008). Shoprite also donates blankets and food to people who have been affected by natural disasters (Anonymous, Community projects : Disaster management, 2008). Shoprite has emergency plans which will help those in need. Shoprite is always ready to help those who are in need (Anonymous, Community projects : Disaster management, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Cuppa for Cansa- Shoprite Checkers are the main sponsors of this project and they are involved as the aim to gain awareness about CANSA and raise funds to fight cancer (Anonymous, Community projects : Cuppa for Cansa, 2008). Cuppa for Cansa also aims to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as eat healthily (Anonymous, Community projects : Cuppa for Cansa, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Casual day- is another project which Shoprite is a main sponsor of. Socio-Economic issues and strategies used à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Poverty Shoprite Corporation is in involved in helping communities which suffer from poverty (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). There are many communities in South Africa which have been faced with natural disasters and many people of those communities are unemployed (Anonymous, Community projects: Community, 2008). Therefore Shoprite reaches out to those communities and gives back in the form of food and blankets, to help uplift the communities. As poverty is a worldwide issue it is considered a socio-economic issue. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Education- Shoprite runs project with deal with aspects of education as many South Africans are not provided with an education at all or some are but not one which is good enough for them to be the future leaders of South Africa (Anonymous, Community projects: Book collection, 2008). à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Shoprite Holdings addresses the issue of HIV/Aids in South Africa (Anonymous, Organisational integrity, 2008). As HIV/Aids has been on the increase. Shoprite has a campaign which aims to educate staff on the illness as well as teach those with the illness how to manage it. The staff are educated fully and are provided with a counsel. The campaign helps employees by giving them a better understanding of the illness as well as all precautions which can be taken. Code of ethics A code of ethics for Shoprite Holdings is not available to the public. This is a negative aspect of the business as the public need to have access to their code of ethics as they are a public company which is listed on the JSE. The code of ethics gives public and other companies a better idea in which they are able to judge the business according to their morals and ethics of how the employees are meant behave with each other and with the customers. Analysis of information, comparison and opinion Both businesses follow the line and staff organisational structure. This is a structure which is a good choice as there is only one level of authority in the business; this avoids conflict and confusion between employees and authority. There are various levels in the structure which allows for managers at each level which guide the business as well as the employees in the right direction. Both businesses are greatly involved in corporate social responsibility, one more than the other. Spur Corporation is involved a fair amount in CSR, but Shoprite Holdings Ltd has great involvement in helping the community to become a better place. Shoprite mainly looks at helping the youth and elderly too, but more the youth in rural areas that do not have much as they are the future of our country. Shoprite Holdings and Spur Corporation both aim to be involved in projects which are more long term than once off as the community needs their input at all times. South Africa faces many socio-economic issues which can be resolved by the input of the people of the country. Spur Corporation is only involved in helping with HIV/AIDS whereas Shoprite Holdings is involved in much more such as HIV/AIDS, education, poverty and natural disasters which are faced in many of the communities. Shoprite seems to be more aware of the issues which are faced by the country, and they are determined to take action and help the community to be improved and not worsened. Spur Corporation has a code of ethics which aims to maintain a high business standard which they are aware will help their business to grow. The code of ethics is in place to ensure employees maintain this high standard in their work ethic as well as in dealing with customers. Shoprite Holdings does not have a code of ethics which is available to the public but as they are a public company which is listed on the JSE they will have a code of ethics which the company follows. This is negative factor for Shoprite as the code of ethics of the company gives the public a better idea of the business itself as well as the standards of the business and its employees. Shoprite Holdings Ltd only lacks a code of ethics available to the public, but otherwise the business maintains high standards and aims to be the best. It is clear that Shoprite is aware of the community and cares to improve the community is every aspect. Spur Corporation is also a public company but does not fully address the issues at hand such as CSR. Discussion and conclusion I believe Shoprite Holdings Ltd does uphold corporate governance as well as maintain ethical and professional standards thoroughly. Spur Corporation does not maintain these standards fully. Corporate governance is one of the main aspects of the business and Shoprite Holdings maintains high standards in terms of their ethics, corporate social responsibility and professionalism. Shoprite Holdings is fully involved in corporate social responsibility and addressing socio-economic issues. Shoprite Holdings believes greatly in helping the community as it is clear in the research done that they are thoroughly involved in all aspects of the community such as education, poverty, HIV/AIDS and natural disasters. Shoprite Holdings has the correct approach in which they address issues in the community as they are aware they should be more involved in long term projects rather than only helping once and thereafter forgetting about the community. Shoprite Holdings is a better governed business and all the above proves this. Spur Corporation is a business which is a luxury for many people and many people who are underprivileged do not gain from this. This is a reason why Spur should be more involved in CSR and addressing socio-economic issues. But Spur Corporation is hardly involved. Shoprite Holdings should be commended as they are a company who provide for rich and poor but are still involved fully in the community. This is another reason why Shoprite Holdings is a better governed company.